This garden is coordinated by the Churchill Park Community Garden Collective a group of gardeners and community volunteers. We look forward to the upcoming season and hope that you will join our garden community. Please feel free to explore this website for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us at garden@opirg.ca.

May 30, 2012


It takes a lot of work to keep our garden running and so this post serves as a thank-you to all the community organizations and individuals helping out this summer. First, I want to thank the Hamilton Community Garden Network which has served as a valuable resource and also helped us fund our port-o-potty (pictured). I also want to thank OPIRG McMaster for looking after the garden lease for the past two years allowing us to keep the garden open. This season also would not be possible without the help from the City of Hamilton which has supplied us with compost and mulch. Finally, I'd also like to thank the members of the CPCG Collective who have volunteered their time to ensure we have the best gardening season possible.
Thanks everyone!

My name's Laura Crump and I'm a third year student in the Arts and Science program at McMaster University. I've been gardening my whole life but this is my first year at Churchill Park Community Garden. I'm really looking forward to working here this summer, 2012.

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